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Shipping Options

North Star are happy to offer a range of shipping services with the ability to tailor options to suit individual needs. Our team are also happy to advise and suggest options to get your vessel to where it needs to be.


Berth to Ship Service

Preparation and delivery of your vessel to a ship of your choosing, arranged by you.

We will ensure that your vessel is safely loaded and stowed onto the ship, ready for departure.

Berth to Arranged Ship Service

We will collect your vessel from its berth, ensuring it's prepared for shipping, before delivering and loading it to a ship arranged by us on your behalf.

We do it all Shipping Service

If you decided you want no stress A to B then we can collect the vessel from your berth, delivery it and safely load it to a ship arranged by us on your behalf. We will arrange a crew to receive the vessel from the ship at your chosen destination, delivering it to your new berth. 

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