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Yacht Management

There are many aspects to owning and manging a yacht (all of which are time consuming) which as professional mariners and many of us Yacht owners we are only too familiar with. If you require assistance with the management of your vessel then we are happy to help. We are able to provide cruising advice, vessel maintenance (ongoing and seasonal), vessel upgrades and refits, and advice on purchasing and sales.


Our team has a wealth of knowledge and industry contacts to help take the stress out of yachting so that you can spend more time enjoying your vessel.


Vessel Maintenence

Keeping a vessel in top condition is a time consuming commitment, it is imperative, to not only your safety at sea, but enjoyment for those precious  moments afloat. Our team are available for the management of your vessel and can ensure it is maintained and ready to go.


Upgrades and Refits

The world of upgrades and vessel refit options is vast and ever increasing, involving multiple contractors and  suppliers, all demanding time and attention. If you are planning upgrades or wanting to undergo a refit and would like some professional advice or management, our experienced team of engineers are hear to help.

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Purchase and Sales

When it comes to buying vessel there is a plethora of considerations to make, from cruising area, onboard systems,  new vs old, budget, power or sail the list goes on! Whilst brokers can be helpful, the advice of impartial professionals is invaluable in making the right decision for you and your budget!

Our team are also happy to help with vessel sales and preparation to showcase your vessel in its best light. 

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